How do I Target Deer Vitals?

Ethical hunters aim for an immediate kill when they shoot or pull the trigger. To do so, they target the deer’s vitals. At first sight, it seems to be easy. Maybe yes, and maybe not.  Placing your shot in the boiler room is the fastest animal-killing method. But there is plenty to consider before and … Read more

How Can Sounds Affect My Hunt?

Are you wondering “How can sounds affect my hunt?” Let Oklahoma Landsource fill you in! Hunting whitetail deer is a complex task that involves the right combination of an effective strategy, and a flawless physical as well as mental strategy. You may spend all your life understanding your favorite animal, learning the best techniques, and … Read more

What Should I Watch for During the Rut?

What Should I Watch for During the Rut? If you’re wondering what should I watch for during the rut, Oklahoma Landsource can help you out. Every year, new studies try to predict the rut beginning in several regions of the United States. After all, this period of the year is of utmost relevance for hunters. … Read more

How Long Will Fiber Cement and Vinyl Siding Last Me?

Are you asking yourself “how long will fiber cement and vinyl siding last me?” Let Oklahoma Landsource fill you in. Like all other crucial exterior components of a home your siding also must bear the brunt of nature. With constant exposure to extreme weather elements, even the most durable siding can wear out over time. … Read more

Steps to Find a Roof Leak

Steps to Find a Roof Leak  Knowing the steps to find a roof leak can save you tons of money if it happens to you. Many things can cause a roof leak and if you’re a homeowner there is a good chance at some point in your homeownership you may be forced to deal with … Read more