What North American Game Animals All Hunters Should Harvest?

What North American Game Animals all hunters should harvest from Oklahoma Landsource. Our territories offer some of the best worldwide hunting, so much so that hunting experts from other countries often list them as their top hunting destinations. There is no better continent for hunting big game than this one, from desert Coues deer in the Southwest to grizzly bears in Alaska. 


Hunters who enter every year for a lifetime will never be able to capture any of these animals, as they require years of applying for tags before they can secure one. It can feel like winning the lottery when you draw a tag for a North American premiere game species. The lottery is also like hunting; if you don’t try, you won’t see any results. A hunting trip to North America wouldn’t be complete without harvesting these 12 game animals.


It is a unique experience to hunt caribou due to their environment. You will never forget your hunting adventures in the tundra, which is cold, vast, and majestic. A domesticated reindeer, sometimes called a reindeer, can weigh up to 400 pounds. Often, caribou hunts can be grueling, as they require seven to ten days in true backcountry wilderness and can also be accompanied by no contact with any animals. 

Coues Deer

“The Gray Ghost” is the common name given to Coues Deer. Desert conditions are ideal for this subspecies of whitetail deer. A Coues deer belongs to the same family as the whitetail deer, but its size and antlers differ significantly from those of the whitetail deer. It typically weighs around 100 pounds, is smaller in stature, and has smaller antlers.

Rocky Mountain Elk

The Rocky Mountain elk hunt is considered one of the best hunting experiences in North America. There isn’t a single elk hunting location that doesn’t offer fantastic scenery since they live in beautiful, mountainous areas. It can weigh up to 700 pounds, making it one of the biggest game animals on the continent. 

Mountain Lion

There is nothing easy about hunting a cat. Stealthy mountain lions spend much of their time sneaking up on their prey. Most hunters recommend hunting with hounds, though Washington and Oregon do not allow hounds. 


Hunting turkeys presents a unique challenge, unlike hunting other birds. To harvest a gobbler, you must communicate with the bird without overdoing it or underdoing it. To be a successful turkey hunter, you must learn how to use a turkey call effectively, which means you must learn how to manipulate the bird to come to you with a turkey call. 

Grizzly Bear

A male grizzly bear can weigh nearly 800 pounds and is much larger than a black bear. Elk and moose are easy prey for adult grizzlies, but salmon is their favorite food. During spawning, they are often found near rivers, lakes, and coastal areas. 


Javelinas are not pigs, as they are often referred to as “Skunk Pigs.” The Southwest United States and Mexico are home to these aggressive animals. They have a scent gland at the bottom of their backs to mark their territory and identify one another. 


Moose are the largest animal in the deer family, reaching almost seven feet at the shoulder and weighing 1,500 pounds. They are commonly found in Canada and the northern US. As moose are not herded animals like deer and elk, moose hunting can be a different experience for North American hunters. 


Pronghorns are not antelopes, although they are commonly referred to as such. In addition to being closely related to goats and antelopes, it has its own taxonomic family, Antilocaprid. A pronghorn can reach speeds of 55 mph, making it the fastest animal in the western hemisphere. 

Bighorn Sheep

The horns can weigh as much as 30 pounds on bighorn sheep (not your typical farm sheep). These sheep can weigh as much as 500 pounds (not your typical farm sheep). They are present from southern Canada to Mexico.


The bison is one of the largest land animals found in North America. Once nearly eradicated, this game animal has rebounded and is completely protected. There is no warning when bison can attack, so they can be unpredictable.

Whitetail Deer

Lastly, we recommend harvesting whitetail deer as one of the best game animals for North Americans. North American hunters’ favorite game is the whitetail deer, which can be found almost everywhere east and west of the Rocky Mountains.